Zaful Swimwear Haul!!

I am going to be honest and say that I 100% expected Zaful to be a scam. Most of the reviews and videos covering Zaful swimwear I have seen are made by girls with very different body types from mine, and I just wasn’t convinced that these swimsuits would do my body justice. I have so much trouble finding swimwear that works with my cup size without them being way too revealing or looking like a mom suit. Swimwear designed for larger busts is often overly structured, patterned, and just doesn’t have the young trendy style that I am looking for as a 21 year old. All that being said, I finally decided to give them a try and I was so happily surprised!! There were some hits, and there were some misses, but at the end of the day I can definitely say that I would shop there again.

A note on my body type — I am 5’6″, usually wear size 4-6, and have a 34D cup size. I bought a large in all the suits after reading reviews that they run small, and it’s a good thing I did! If you have a larger bust or booty, definitely size up one or two sizes.

I ordered 5 swimsuits- 4 bikinis and 1 one piece. The best thing about these suits is by far the price- none of them cost me more than $20!! That’s less than an individual top or bottom costs at some places! Absolutely wild. My college student budget was lovin’ it.

This red suiti is awesome. I love the color leaning more towards burgundy than bright red, eand the ribbed texture makes the suit feel pretty high quality for the price. I cut out the pads of this suit and all of them just because they are a little weirdly shaped but otherwise the top fits great. The bottoms are cheeky, but not so much that you would feel uncomfortable wearing it at a family event etc. The only bummer about this suit is that the white lining shows around the edges, but I’ve just kind of rolled with it and it almost looks like part of the design. For $16 I certainly don’t mind putting up with a few little things like that.

This suit is the exact style as the red one above, so all the notes apply accordingly. What I like about the white is the lining is not as visible because, obviously, the suit itself is white. I also love that the fabric is thick and ribbed because it doesn’t get see through in the water.

This suit looks darker in the photo, but is actually a beautiful blue gray. It is a similar triangle style to the other two but the fabric is slightly thinner and smooth as opposed to textured. These bottoms are a bit smaller, and therefore cheekier than the others which is good to keep in minds. The straps on the top are adjustable which is a huge plus because you can really just tuck the girls in and hoist ’em up.

This suit is a deep emerald green and is a thick fabric with a sort of waffled texture. The top is a little bit smaller than I was expecting, and I probably couldn’t get away with wearing this one in the ocean, but at the pool or just laying out in the sun it wouldn’t be an issue. This suit is super comfortable and the bottoms are my favorites out of all of them because they sit so high on the hips.

This one was so disappointing! Having had to order all the others in a large, I assumed the one piece would be the same, but there is a ton of extra fabric and the fit just isn’t right. The suit is a nice material and the colors are great but unfortunately it was just too big.

Overall, these swimsuits definitely exceeded my expectations. My biggest advice for shopping on Zaful is to read the reviews and focus on the ones with pictures included! It’s the best way to determine the fit/sizing because the photos they use on the site aren’t always the best representation.

In terms of shipping, my order was sent in three parts. The first three suits arrived after only a week and a half and the other two arrived with a week between each delivery. Overall, I was happy with the delivery times after expecting a much longer wait period (although it would have been nice to receive them all in one shipment).

Follow this link to browse all the cute suits they have to offer!

All the best,

Caroline Lee

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